Xiaoyuan international logistics

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railway transportation

The express train with a speed of 300 km / h is a special freight train between China and Europe, from China to volcino, Russia, Minsk, Belarus, Warsaw, Hamburg and other countries in Europe
sea transport

From China to Russia, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, novorossisk, Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries
        transport aviation

China has established long-term friendly international transportation relations with many countries in Central Asia, such as Russia

      road transport

Transportation services from China to Russia, Central Asia, Europe and other countries

Professional operation of air, railway, land, sea, warehousing, customs declaration and other related international logistics


Strong transportation capacity
With a registered capital of 5 million yuan, the company specializes in international cargo transportation services, has a rigorous transportation organization, and is a professional transportation and logistics company integrating supply chain.
Professional logistics services
Our company has a leading information system, which can be seen in the whole process, so that you can grasp the accurate progress of each business at any time. Strict process system, eliminate errors and accidents in the system, improve the emergency handling mechanism and guarantee system, and resolve losses in time.
Integrate transportation logistics resources
With multi-channel logistics resources, it has established long-term good cooperative relations with FBA e-commerce logistics, international railway, road and sea transportation, import agents, international air and air transportation of dangerous goods, so as to help you find a balance between timeliness and cost.
—————————About us——————————
Local vehicle transportation
Xiaoyuan Logistics Co., Ltd. undertakes the transportation business of complete vehicles and less than carload goods from the mainland to all over the world.
Deliver with heart and go to the world
The company has strong transportation capacity, strong strength, first-hand price and services all over the world.
Improve supply management
Relying on the strong cargo transportation and the overall strength of overseas resources, it can be extended and completed
Be good at logistics supply chain management and win the trust of customers
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